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  • Client: Brad Ricahrds
  • Tags: BRANDING
  • Date: 27 January 2018

The Story

Brad is one of my oldest and loveliest clients I've had the pleasure to work with.

I was first approached by Brad a number of years ago, having just completed his civil celebrants training and looking to start  a small business on the side, providing his services for weddings and other significant family events.

He is also a significant figure in the community, with a strong background in Queensland Scouts, Chorial Society and A justice of the peace. Earning him a strong amount of respect and credibility.

His mission as a Civil Celebrant is to "Provide a celebration which reflects the life story and personality of the people involved'

In a very crowded market, Brad wanted his brand to reflect who he was, his beliefs and reputation. Being one of the few male celebrants in the area, he wanted his brand to reflect this, as well as clearly communicate a level of quality and reliability that is required when people are looking for a celebrant.


The Result

I was fortunate enough to work with brad from the ground up, from logo design, printing, poster design and media collateral, to website development and Search Engine Optimisation tracking.

I was able to provide a quality logo that was clean and reflected Brad and his business, and translated well in a number of various mediums, from notebooks to folders and social media


Celebrade Website Development

His website reflected the quality he wanted to portray, with a neat layout, large images, and neat classical font, the website is also mobile responsive and SEO friendly.

Brad is also a great example of keeping active with his website and social media, posting regular blog posts, stories, and testimonials on his website, that not only aid's his SEO ranking and also communicates with his audience that he's out and about doing what he loves.

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